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Swipe Manager: Soccer

Swipe Manager: Soccer – the ultimate ‘choose your own adventure’ football management game! Available via the App Store and Google Play NOW!

Unfit players, greedy agents, septic tattoos, social media gaffes, bankrupt chairmen, betting scandals, failed drug tests, and rowdy fans are just a few of the challenges you’ll face as you attempt to take your team to the top!

Forget long hours scrutinising pass percentages and distance-covered stats – Swipe Manager: Soccer cuts straight to the good stuff, parachuting you in for the key games and decisions. You call the shots as you control your club via a card dragging mechanic – simply move the card left or right to see your choice of answers, and match tactics, and then let go to select.

Whether you’re challenging for a trophy or fighting to avoid relegation; every season is a roller coaster ride! Experience a combination of football action and man management dilemmas as you juggle your popularity with your players, fans, chairman, and the press as you try to keep them all happy… and avoid the sack!